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#75 Show Notes: Ronald Reagan's Scottish Roots

Did you know that former U.S. president Ronald Reagan is related to a radical weaver from Paisley? On our latest Wee Yin, we look at Reagan's Scottish ancestry to see where he might have gotten the tenacious spirit that launched him into Hollywood stardom and the White House. Enjoy tunes along the way from Jenn Butterworth and Laura-Beth Salter, as well as a new arrangement of music by Christopher Dean and Dougie MacLean, originally made popular in the 1992 movie The Last of the Mohicans.


  1. Jen & Laura-Beth: Let the Sun Shine Down On Me

  2. Christopher Dean: Last of the Mohicans / The Gael


  1. Read host Andrew McDiarmid's accompanying article about Reagan's Scottish roots published in The Scots Magazine.

  2. Read this source document, "What Made Reagan a Truly Great Communicator," by Lee Edwards.

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