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Andrew McIntyre McDiarmid

Andrew McIntyre co-founded Simply Scottish as a radio show in 1999 along with his son Andrew Jr. Together they shared the best of Scottish music and culture for three years on radio stations in Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, and Ontario (Canada). Born in 1940 in the port town of Leith, Edinburgh, Andrew McIntyre built a career in driving that spanned decades and continents, including double-decker buses and taxis in Scotland's capital, trucks in Stuttgart, Germany, school buses in Texas, and motor coaches in Washington State. In 1990, he immigrated to the United States with his family, first to the sunny Rio Grande Valley of Texas and then to the Emerald City, Seattle. Through the years, Andrew's sense of humor, laid-back personality, and people skills allowed him to bring joy to people all over the world.

In January of 2021, Andrew McIntyre passed away, reuniting with his creator and his bride Samantha. His legacy of simple living and steadfast faith continue on through his son Andrew Jr., his children, his grandchildren, and those who called him friend. Below are videos from his celebration of life service. Enjoy a glimpse into this magnificent Scotsman!

Dad at Narooma Wedding.png
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