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#78 Show Notes: John Muir and the Grand Canyon

You've probably heard of Scottish naturalist and conservationist John Muir, but did you know he almost lost his eyesight in an accident that changed the course of his life? Find out what happened, and listen as we share some stirring passages from Muir's essay describing the magnificence and wonder of the Grand Canyon. Plus, enjoy a mix of brand new and classic Scottish music from Tina Jordan Rees, Wolfstone, the Scott Wood Band, and Alistair Ogilvy.


  1. Scott Wood Band: Barber Avenue

  2. Tina Jordan Rees: Duck at Luss / House 108

  3. Wolfstone: Heart and Soul

  4. Alistair Ogilvy: Clasping Sea


  1. In preparing this episode, Andrew found this article from the Sierra Club vault particularly helpful: "God and John Muir"

  2. If you want a nice collection of Muir's writing, try the one Andrew has on his bookshelf: John Muir: Nature Writings

  3. If you haven't visited the Grand Canyon yourself, what are you waiting for?! Plan your trip and see what you can do there at the National Park Service Grand Canyon website.

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