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#76 Show Notes: Covenanter: Scotland's Battle for Religious Freedom

To fully appreciate our freedoms today, we have to understand the history behind them. In this episode of Simply Scottish, we take you back to 17th century Scotland to tell the story of the Covenanters, brave men and women who put God before kings and fought for the freedom to worship according to their conscience and conviction. We'll also look at how the Covenanters inspired the American founders in their quest to form a new government for the people. Plus, enjoy music from Bradley Parker, Iona Fyfe, Kate & Raphael, and Alan Reid & Rob van Sante.


  1. Kate & Rafael: Tanz Tanz Tanz

  2. Bradley Parker: Journey

  3. Alan Reid & Rob Van Sante: Covenanter

  4. Iona Fyfe: And So Must We Rest


  1. A written essay by host Andrew McDiarmid on the covenanters and their influence on America's religious liberty will be published soon. Stay tuned to Simply Scottish on Facebook or Twitter for a link.

  2. In preparing this episode, Andrew found this essay by Daniel Elazar particularly helpful: "Covenant and the American Founding"

  3. Inspiration for this episode came in part from Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall's Scottish history book for children, Scotland's Story, originally published in 1906.

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