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Episode #71 Notes: Off/Script: Father's Day, Sean Connery, and Scotland at EURO 2020

In this episode, Andrew goes off-script for a down-to-earth chat about his first father's day without his dad, Simply Scottish co-founder Andrew Sr., the absence of Sean Connery, Scotland's short-lived campaign at the EURO 2020 soccer championships, and how to live life off-script and to the fullest.


  1. Helmut Schenker: Ever Since (licensed via Epidemic Sound)

  2. Project Smok: Ceitidh (Valtos Remix)

  3. Iona Fyfe: The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen


  1. Remembering Simply Scottish co-founder Andrew Sr in video and pictures.

  2. Did you know Sean Connery's wife is an artist? Check out her work.

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