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#73 Show Notes: Scottish Merchant Navy and Robert Watson-Watt

In this episode, we feature highlights from Radio Archive #129, originally released February 21st, 2001. Andrew Sr. tells us about the history and importance of the Scottish Merchant Navy, while Andrew Jr. fills us in on Robert Watson-Watt, inventor of radar technology in the early 20th century. Listening to our radio archive is a unique treat, as it bridges two eras of Simply Scottish - twenty years apart - together into one new experience. It's also special because it shares highlights of the valuable contributions Andrew Sr, Andrew's father, made to the program.


  1. Tom Spirals & Euan McLaughlin: An Dannsa Dub

  2. Iona Fyfe: Poor Ditching Boy

  3. Dougie Maclean: It Was All For Our Rightful King


  1. Watch this 7-minute documentary on the life of Robert Watson-Watt, inventor of radar technology.

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