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Like most podcasts out there, Simply Scottish is a labor of love. Andrew pays the costs of the show - hosting, production, promotion, and music - out of his own pocket. He is looking for listeners who enjoy the show and are willing to join him in covering costs and reaching a bigger audience. There are two types of sponsorship - Founding Sponsors who give a one-time gift and Monthly Sponsors who choose from three levels of giving.


Give a one-time specific gift of $250 to become a Founding Sponsor of Simply Scottish. This will cover either a full year of hosting and bandwidth for the podcast at Podomatic or a social media advertising campaign to reach new listeners.


Benefits include a custom-made CD collection of your Top 10 favorite episodes, a shout out on an upcoming episode, and a call with host Andrew McDiarmid.


Friends of Simply Scottish

Flora MacDonald's friendship and kindness saved the life of Prince Charles Edward Stuart after his failed attempt to reclaim the British throne for the Jacobites. In the same way, your friendship can secure Simply Scottish! This is the most affordable way to lend your support.


Become a Friend of Simply Scottish at $10/month or $120/year and receive the following:

  • Handmade CD edition of your favorite episode

  • A Simply Scottish magnet for your home

  • Quarterly sponsors-only email update

Patrons of Simply Scottish

Scotland's national bard Robert Burns depended on the generosity of patrons and patronesses in Edinburgh and around Scotland. Without them, he may not have produced the masterpieces we celebrate today! Similarly, the sucess of Simply Scottish depends on your patronage.


Become a Patron of Simply Scottish at $50/month or $600/year and receive the following:

  • All of the benefits Friends receive, plus:

  • An album of Scottish music

  • A personal call from host Andrew McDiarmid to chat about your connections to Scotland and take your suggestions for future episodes.

Guardians of Simply Scottish

After freeing much of Scotland from English occupation and securing victory at Stirling Bridge, William Wallace was knighted and declared Guardian of Scotland in 1297. The highest honor we can bestow on a listener, Guardians of Simply Scottish are essential to the show's success in the same way Wallace's bravery and determination were essential to his country's freedom!


Become a Guardian of Simply Scottish at $100/month or $1200/year and receive the following:

  • All of the benefits Patrons receive, plus:

  • A custom episode of Simply Scottish on the topic of your choice, dedicated to you, your family, or your organization. You can even choose the music!

  • A pound of authentic Simply Scottish Shortbread, made to order and delivered to your door!

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